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Zip Code Lookup – Feature

The Zip Code Lookup Feature is used to populate other address fields in a data record with a click of a button. This feature will help speed up the process of entering address information into a record.

Note: Minimum Required Ivinex Version: 4.0
Note: The Zip Code Lookup Feature is not turned on by default. If you feel you could benefit from the zip code lookup feature, please contact us, and we will enable it for your Ivinex site.

Feature Setup

Once the feature has been activated you need to follow these initial steps:

  • Open Ivinex Admin
  • Click System Preferences
  • Click Feature Manager
  • Click Settings for the Zip Code Lookup Feature

There are 2 choices at this point:

  1. Use the create button: This will create a new Zip Code module in your system with the following default fields:
    1. Zip Code
    2. City
    3. State
    4. County
    5. Country
  2. Pick an already existing data module that contains your information. Your data module will need to include the following fields:
    1. Zip Code
    2. City
    3. State
    4. County
    5. Country
  • The next step is to select your Zip Code fields so that the feature will know where to find your Zip Code data. If you used the create button, the fields should already be mapped.
    • If you are using your own data module, select the field in your data module that will contain the right data (Zip Code, City, State, etc.).
Initial Setup

Initial Setup

Module Setup

You will need to have existing data already in the Zip Code module, or import new data prior to using the Zip Code Lookup Feature. You can acquire and import Zip Code data from many different sources, or you can enter the data by hand.

Note: The Zip Code Lookup Feature does not come pre-loaded with data.

Fig. 2 – Example Zip Code Data Record

Workflow Setup

Now that we have the feature setup, and we have all of our zip code data, we can move on to the workflow processes. We will need to create a workflow (an automated process) that will be triggered by a button. The idea here is to click a button and trigger a workflow that will get data from our Zip Code module and write that data to another module (like a contact or company record). Please follow these steps to create the workflow.

Tutorial: Workflow Wizard

  •  In the Ivinex admin area, open the Workflow Wizard
  • Create a new group called “Zip Code Lookups” (this is where we will add all zip code lookup workflows).
    Note: To keep things organized, we recommend creating a group called Zip Code Lookups, but this is not required.
  • Expand the workflow group and click the “Add New” button.
  • In the new workflow window:
    • Name: Name your workflow (Company – Address)
    • Type: When a button is pressed.
    • Site: (your Ivinex site).
    • Group: Zip Code Lookups (or whichever workflow group you want).
    • Tab: The data module where we will be using the lookup (company module, contact module..)
    • Filter: Not required.
    • Click the New Action button.
    • In the workflow action window:
      • Name: Name of your workflow (Lookup Zip)
      • Action: Select the “Lookup ZipCode” action from the drop-menu.
      • Zip Code: Select your zip code field from your data module.
      • City: Select your city field from your data module.
      • State: Select your state field from your data module.
      • County: Select your county field from your data module.
      • Country: Select your country field from your data module.
  • Save the workflow.
ZipCode Lookup - Action Window

ZipCode Lookup – Action Window

Button Setup

Now that the workflow has been setup, we need to create a button in the module where we would like to perform the Zip Code lookup.

  • In the admin area, click the module you want to use.
  • Click the new field button.
  • Select BUTTON as the data type.
  • Select your workflow (that we created earlier) from the workflow dropdown (after selecting button as the data type, this select field will appear).
  • Save your new button.
  • Place the button close to where  it will be used (like a Zip Code field).
  • Click the save layout button.
Button to be used with Zip Code workflow.

Button to be used with Zip Code workflow.

How To Use

You are now ready to use the Zip Code look up feature.

When you click the Zip Code Lookup Button, the feature will look for a record in the Zip Code Lookup Module that matches the Zip Code in the record you are looking at, and fill in the additional details (city, state, county, and country).

  • Click on an existing record in the module where your Zip Code button is.
  • Make sure you have a zip code entered in your Zip Code field.
  • Click the Lookup ZipCode button.
  • All the other address fields that were mapped in the feature settings should now be filled in with data from your Zip Code Lookup module.
  • The record will automatically be saved and contain the refreshed data.
End result after clicking button.

End result after clicking button.


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