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Using the Alert Matrix

The Alert Matrix is a system that is useful for elevating Support Tickets for customer service reps (Fig. 1).

Note: Do not use the Alert Matrix to provide popup reminders for tasks or other activities. To accomplish this, set up workflows that will send you e-mail reminders.

Fig. 1 – Alert Matrix

There are two tables within the Alert Matrix Popup. The top table will list all the Alerts that you have set up, the second will show the details of any alert that you click on in the list above.

To create a new alert click on the “New” button that is just below the top table. The “Details” table below it will populate with a blank Alert (fig. 2).

Fig. 2 – A New Alert

  • Title: Name of the Alert you’ll be creating.
  • *Module (currently named Tab): Select a data module that you want to create alerts from. The select box is populated by all the data modules available on your site.
    • New Filter: Button to add filters so that you can filter out any records you don’t want to create alerts for.
  • Notify Time From: Time-stamp that Ivinex will watch and create alerts based off of.
    • Created Date is the date that the record was created.
    • Modified Date changes whenever a record is modified.

There is also a blank box to the right of all these fields. This box will list all the Alert Times. In order to add Alert Times you must first save your new Alert. Do so by clicking the “Save” button.

After saving your new Alert you will see the following:

Fig. 3 – Alert Time’s box

To add a new Alert Time, click the “Add New” button under the Alert Time box. Doing so will show a green popup box with the title “Alert Matrix” (fig. 4).

Fig. 4 – Alert Matrix, New Time

  • Time (minutes): In this field you should enter how many minutes from either the Created or Modified Date (depending on what you selected in the “Notify Time From” field) you want this alert to happen.
  • Repeat Every (minutes): If you want to repeat an alert until it is responded to then enter how many minutes you want in between each repetition of the alert.
  • Fig. 5 – Alert Popup

    Type: These checkboxes allow you to send an alert as an Email, Popup, or both. If you elect to have alerts appear as popups within Ivinex they will show in a red popup box in the front-end of your site (fig. 5). Clicking on the name under “Service Record” will take you to the record the Alert is telling you about, and the “00:08″ under “New” means this record was added to your alerts 8 minutes ago.

  • Min Time of Day / Max Time of Day: Allow you to specify a window of time that Alerts will be created. If these two fields are left blank then Alerts will be created 24/7.
  • *Email Template Module (Tab): Allows you to specify which data module contains your email templates. Under this field is a lookup field that allows you to select an Email Template that will be used in the Email that is sent as an Alert (if you check “Email” under “Type”).
  • Additional Emails: Allows you to enter more email addresses for alerts to be sent to, in addition to the Users you select in the “Select Users to Notify” box.
  • Select Users to Notify: The “Select Users to Notify” box is a list of all the groups and users on your site. In addition it also lists fields from the data module you picked in the “Module (Tab)” dropdown that refer to users on your site. For instance, if you have a USER dropdown that you use to select who a record is assigned to then you would see that field listed here. To select multiple items from this box use the Ctrl key + click. You will be able to select two or more items in this way.

Once you’re done configuring this alert, click the “Update” button to save it and close this popup.

Alert Matrix – Finished

You can create as many new alerts as you want. Once you’re done, go ahead and click the “Close Alert Matrix” button to close the Alert Matrix.


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