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User Manager

The User Manager area is where you create new users, and edit existing users.

The User Manager has two panes, very similar to the Group Manager. Those two panes are a “User List” pane that lists all the users and the “User Details” pane that will show a users details (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 – The User Manager

The User List section lists all the users that exist on your site. It shows their User Name, First Name, Last name, and Email. When a user is clicked it will populate all their user information (or “details”) in the “User Details” section.

The User List section also has a button for creating a new user labeled “Add New”. When this button is clicked it will create a blank user in the User Details pane that you can fill in and save.

There is also a link at the bottom of the User List called “Inactive Users”. You can click the Inactive Users link to switch from the Active Users (default) and the Inactive Users (Fig. 1.1).

Fig. 1.1 – Inactive User List

New User

After clicking the  “New User” button, the User Details pane will display all the fields available when creating a new user (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 – New User Details

  • User Name: Login name for this user.
  • New Password: Password for this user.
  • First Name: Users first name.
  • Last Name: Users last name.
  • Alias: Users nickname.
  • Title: This field is where you can enter things like “CEO” or “Web Developer”, etc.
  • Email: This field is where you would enter a users Email address. This is used when this user sends Email from Ivinex.
  • Available From Email: This field allows you to enter a comma separated list of email addresses that this user is allow to send email from. For example:,, The first in this list will be the default, which in this case is “”.
  • Phone: This is the users phone number. Extension: The users phone extension.
  • Address: This is the users address.
  • Color: This field lets the user pick a color that can be used in custom work done by Ivinex to determine what items belong to which users.
  • Click To Dial: Used with 3rd party dialing software (must already be installed on your computer to work). 
    What you enter into the Click To Dial field will be vendor specific to your software.
    Click To Dial Example: https://url-provided-by-the-phone-system?phone=[Field:PhoneNumber]&ext=[Field:Ext]&password=somepassword
  • User Groups: Assign the new user to user groups by clicking the check box next to each group you want this user to belong to.

Under all of the fields, you will find the Save button. Click the Save button to save the new users information.

 User Details

After clicking an existing user in the User List pane, you are presented with the same fields as a new user, except now the fields will be populated with the  data that was saved when creating a new user. You can change the existing data and click the Save button again to save all changes. There are also a few extra controls available to you when editing an existing user (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 – User Details – Existing User

  • Inactivate: Set this user as “inactive”.
  • Display Permissions: Show/edit user specific permissions.

User Permissions

Below the user detail fields you will see a list that looks very similar to the one in the Group Manager. It will list all the modules, with a “–Show–” link to the right of the module name. This is where we set user specific permissions for modules (data sets) and such.

Note: The very first time a new user account is logged into, you will be presented with the Ivinex end user license agreement. The new user must accept the terms to continue using the Ivinex system.


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