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User Manager

The User Manager area is where you create new users, and edit existing users. The User Manager has two panes, very similar to the Group Manager. Those two panes are a “User List” pane that lists all the users and the “User Details” pane that will show a users details (Fig. 1). The User List section lists  Full Article…


Field Display Options

Field Name This is the ‘machine name’ and ID of the field. This name is most commonly used when referring to the field using Field Syntax. Display Text This is the text that will show as the Label for the the field. Data Type This dropdown box let’s you decide what kind of field you  Full Article…


Group Manager

The Group Manager is where you go to add/edit/delete User Groups for your site. If you want different sets of Users to have different permissions, different access levels, or the like, you use groups. The Group Manager is made up of two panes, the “User Group List” pane and the “User Group Details” pane (Fig. 1).  Full Article…