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Data Field Display Type Reference

There are 25 different Data Types within Ivinex. The actual data that you store in Ivinex is all kept in one of these 25 Data Types. Along with Data Types, each field has a sub-set of Display Types that vary depending on what Data Type you choose. TEXT The text Data Type is the most  Full Article…


Syntax Codes and Equations

Syntax codes provide a more advanced method for retrieving, chaining, and performing calculations on data from different fields. From creating simple mail merge functionality to performing complex equations using many data fields, syntax codes make this possible.


Field Display Options

Field Name This is the ‘machine name’ and ID of the field. This name is most commonly used when referring to the field using Field Syntax. Display Text This is the text that will show as the Label for the the field. Data Type This dropdown box let’s you decide what kind of field you  Full Article…