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Display Colors

The display colors tool is a simple system for creating visual color differences between records that appear in record list windows.


Zip Code Lookup – Feature

The Zip Code Lookup Feature is used to populate other address fields in a data record with a click of a button. This feature will help speed up the process of entering address information into a record.


Ivinex Admin Documentation

Ivinex CRM provides unparalleled control over your data, interface, and settings. Through the administration tools, you can build and customize your CRM solution to fit your business process, and display exactly the information you need.


Workflow Wizard

Workflows are how you automate processes within Ivinex. If you want to send an email every time a record is updated, you will accomplish it with Workflows. Workflows are a very powerful tool, so use them with caution. You will find the Workflow Wizard in the General Settings area (fig. 1). To open the Workflow  Full Article…


Syntax Codes and Equations

Syntax codes provide a more advanced method for retrieving, chaining, and performing calculations on data from different fields. From creating simple mail merge functionality to performing complex equations using many data fields, syntax codes make this possible.


Conversion Options

The conversion options tool is useful for converting data from one module into another module. The conversion is setup as a one to one field conversion, where one field in a module is matched up with another field in a different module. The “Conversion Options” tool is located in the Module Details window (Fig. 1). To get started,  Full Article…


Display Conditions

When selecting your dataset fields for a module in Ivinex, there may come a time when you want to hide a certain sub-tab, field, or field option until a predetermined action takes place. To show or hide sup-tabs, fields, or field options based on user actions, you will need to use the Display Conditions tool.  Full Article…


System Email Accounts

Ivinex allows you to add Email Accounts that the system will check and import into Ivinex. If you add emails here then you also need to configure your Email Mapping. To add a System Email Account click the “Add” button under the table headers (Fig. 1). Doing so will show a green popup box with the  Full Article…