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How to Send a Mass Email

This information may not be up to date with the latest Ivinex version.

So you want to email a group of people all at once? Your best bet is to use the Mass Email tool.

You can find the Mass Email tool in the upper right hand corner of your Table View. If you can’t find it, you may not have permission to mass email on that tab.

Note: Make sure you’re on the correct tab you want to send emails to!

Fig. 1 – Location of Mass Email button

You’ll notice that you have three options on the popup that appears: Mass Update, Mass Delete, and Mass Email. You’ll want to pick Mass Email.

Fig. 7 - Mass Update, Delete, and Email Wizard

Fig. 2 – Mass Update, Delete, and Email Wizard

Pick your Contacts

Before you can email, you need to determine who is getting that email. By default, the Mass Email tool will try to email every single record in the tab. If that’s what you want, then go ahead and click the ‘Next’ button. But if you want to email only a specific group of people, you need to set up some filters by clicking the “Add Filter” button.

Tutorial: Using Filters

Fig. 3 – With this filter, only people who are being negotiated with will be emailed.

You can also set the “Max Records To Retrieve” fields to limit the number of records you will be Mass Emailing, if you want to. Once you’re ready, click the “Next” button.

Fine Tuning

On step 2 of the wizard, you’ll be able to select the records you want to mass email. To email all the records, leave them all checked. If you don’t want to email a certain record, un-check it. After you have all the records you want selected, click the “Next” button again.

Create your email

On the next page you will see a screen that will allow you to create and format an email that will be sent out to an email address from each record.

Fig. 4 – The Mass Email email interface

First, choose one of your email accounts from the Email Accounts tab. You MUST have at least one email account associated with Ivinex in order to mass email. You can setup your personal email accounts in the user preferences area.

Tutorial: User Preferences
Warning: If you are using an exchange server, you will need to work with your IT department to correctly configure the exchange server to allow Ivinex to send mail using your account.

Want to look like you’re using a different email account? Then enter that email address in the ‘from’ tab. For example, if your email account is, you might enter ‘’ into the ‘from’ field to appear a little more professional. Keep in mind, though, that this feature won’t work on some major email providers, such as Gmail.

Note: It is recommended that you match the “from” email address with an actual email account (already setup) in Ivinex. If the “from” email address does not match an existing email account, most email systems will mark your email as spam.

If you don’t need to change your email account, leave the ‘from’ field blank.

Want to be notified when people open your email? Then check the small ‘Notify on Open’ box below the ‘Subject’ field. You’ll be sent an email whenever someone opens your mail. If you want that notification email to look fancy, you can click the ‘Template’ button to select a template to use.

Want to use a premade template? Click the ‘Insert Template’ button and choose an email template, and it will appear in the email editing box.

WARNING: If your template uses mail merge variables such as [Field:first_name] to automatically fill in the contact’s information, these fields will disappear when the template is inserted into a mass email. You’ll need to re-enter them manually. This should be resolved in the next Ivinex version.

Send it off

Now, just click ‘Finish’, and Ivinex will send your emails! You’re all set.


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