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Displayed Related Items

When working with a module record, it can be beneficial to see related items from another module, or add related items for the current record. Using the Ivinex Related Items Manager tool, setting up related items is quite easy to do.

Example: While viewing contact data, we want to see related data from documents, customers, accounts, support tickets, or some other module.

To access the Related Items Manager, first click on the module we want to use, and then click on the “Displayed Related Items” link in the module details section (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 - Displayed Related Items

Fig. 1 – Displayed Related Items

This will open up the Related Items Manager tool (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 - Related Items Manager

Fig. 2 – Related Items Manager

Here is a breakdown of all the buttons and options available in this tool:

  • New: Create a new related items section.
  • Remove: Remove an existing related items section.
  • Up: Move a related items section up (display order).
  • Down: Move a related items section down (display order).
  • Displayed Text: The text that will be displayed in the header area of the related items section. Blank = default.
  • Max Links Allowed: How many items are allowed in the related items section. 0 = no limit.
  • Max Links To Show: How many items to display in the related items section. 0 = no limit.
  • Link Type: The link type. Example: ALL
  • Filter: Use the Filter tool to filter out data as needed. 
    Tutorial: Using Filters
  • Save Changes: Save all changes that have been made.
  • Close: Close the tool window.

The module we select first (in this case “Contacts”) will be the module that shows the related items when we click a contact record. If we were to add “Scripts”, “Visitors”, and “Accounts” as related items to the “Contacts” module, any scripts, visitors, or accounts that are related to the specific contact record will be shown (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 - Related Items

Fig. 3 – Related Items


Once we have the related items setup correctly, we can then add or link a related item while viewing a specific record. In the detail view, we will see our related item sections and each section will have two buttons: “New” and “Link” (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4 - Related Item Buttons

Fig. 4 – Related Item Buttons

Clicking the “New” button will popup a dialog window where we can fill in the details for the related item. Clicking on the “Link” button will popup a window filled with records from the related module where we can select the record we want to link.



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