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Display Colors

The display colors tool is a simple system for creating visual color differences between records that appear in record list windows.


Print Labels

The print labels functionality in Ivinex is used to generate printed labels based on the data in one of your data modules.


Zip Code Lookup – Feature

The Zip Code Lookup Feature is used to populate other address fields in a data record with a click of a button. This feature will help speed up the process of entering address information into a record.


Mass Delete

There may come a time when you need to delete a large number or all of your records in a data module. It is possible to delete each one by hand (one at a time), but there is a better way. The mass delete tool allows you to delete all or a whole segment of  Full Article…


Mass Update

So you have a bunch of records that all need to be updated and you don’t have time to click every record, add some data, and click the update button. This process would be much easier if we could update all the records at the same time. Lucky for us, the Mass Update tool does  Full Article…



Reports are a very important piece of Ivinex, without them the Dashboard is useless. Reports help you visualize the data that you’re storing within Ivinex. You can see table data, summaries, and graphs. Reports When you first load the reports tab, you will be presented with 2 areas. Report Folder Column: Your list of report  Full Article…


Workflow Wizard

Workflows are how you automate processes within Ivinex. If you want to send an email every time a record is updated, you will accomplish it with Workflows. Workflows are a very powerful tool, so use them with caution. You will find the Workflow Wizard in the General Settings area (fig. 1). To open the Workflow  Full Article…


Syntax Codes and Equations

Syntax codes provide a more advanced method for retrieving, chaining, and performing calculations on data from different fields. From creating simple mail merge functionality to performing complex equations using many data fields, syntax codes make this possible.